Why spend 60 minutes* or more of your precious time on spelling and dictation with your child when you can probably get better results with only 10 minutes** on Spelling and Dictation website.

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This simple picture story done by an enthusiastic user tells it all.

Mum found spellinganddictation.com website on the internet. After trying out the demo, she was convinced that the website could indeed save her considerable time and effort. The time saved would be useful for her to prepare for other areas to coach the child on. Furthermore the website was free so she need not incur any expenses on it. She also felt assured that the personal information she provided for registration would not be sold to a third party.
* The 60 minutes estimated are based on the time a parent spends to pronounce the words in the spelling list and dictation and for the child to write down the answers. As the child may get the spelling or dictation wrong, the words may have to be pronounced more than once.
** The 10 minutes estimated are based on the time a parent spends to type the words of a spelling list and dictation into the website.