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How to create a dictation

Guide for creating and editing spelling lists and dictations
    How to create a spelling list
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    How to create a dictation
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To create a dictation, click the navigation button named <Create/Review> next to <Home> on the navigation row. You should see 2 options, one for Spelling, the other for Dictation. Click the <Dictation> button. Now you have 3 options, ie to create or review the dictation, or return to previous menu. Click <Create Dictation>.

Create new dictation - You will notice that the system has created a new dictation number for you at the top of this section. You can now enter the words of the dictation in the box below <Enter Dictation (maximum 1,000 characters)>. When you have completed keying the words, click the <Submit> button. Note that if you press the <Enter> button, you will initiate a carriage return to a new line in this case. Then click the <Save Changes and Exit(Click Save first)> button. Remember to click the <Submit> button first before you click the <Save Changes and Exit> button. Otherwise what you have entered after the last save will be lost.

Save dictation and exit - After you click the <Save> button, click the <Save Changes and Exit (Click Save first)> button to save the dictation. You will return to Create/Review Option page.

Exit without Saving Changes - If you decide not to save the dictation you have just created, click the <Exit without Saving Changes> button. The dictation will not be saved and you will return to the Create/Review option screen.

Last updated on Apr 20, 2013.

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