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How to create a free student account

Guide for new users
   How to create a free student account
    How to login to your free student account for the first time

Click the <New User> button on the top right hand corner of the website. Then click the <FREE> button on the screen that appears. You will come to the New User Registration form page. Enter your email address, name and create your user id. Make sure you enter your email address correctly as the password created will be emailed to this address. If you enter an email address which is invalid, the system will alert you. However there is no way to check whether the email address that you entered is really the correct one.

The user id you create must not have any spaces in between. If the user id is already taken up, you will see a message informing you to select another user id. Next you will be asked to select the country where you are resident from a list. After you have selected the country, a <Register> button will appear. Click this button if you want to register your new user account.

In the event that you make a mistake in your entry, just click the text box and make the necessary corrections, press <Enter> and click the <Register> button. If you decide to change the entire entry, you can click the <Reset Entries> button which will reset all the text boxes for re-entry.

After you clicked the <Register> button, you will see a screen showing what you had entered earlier. If the entries are incorrect, click <Return to Previous Screen> to make the changes. If they are correct, select the country you are residing in now. Then click <Entry Correct> button. You will see a thank you screen asking you to click the <Start> button to start using the website. It also informs you to retrieve your password from your email for subsequent logins.

Log in to your email account and retrieve the email which contains your password. Go back to the website and login with your user id and this password at the top right hand corner of the screen. See guide on how to login as an independent student for the first time by clicking this link.   How to login to your free student account for the first time

Last updated on Sep 16, 2013.

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