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Guide for creating and editing spelling lists and dictations
    How to create a spelling list
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To create a list for the spelling test, click the navigation button named <Create/Review> next to <Home> on the navigation row. You should see 2 options, one for Spelling, the other for Dictation. Click the <Spelling> button. Now you have 3 options, ie to create or review spelling list, or return to previous menu. Click <Create Spelling List>.

Adding items to new spelling list - You will notice that the system has created a new spelling list number for you at the top of this section. Start with item no 1 as shown, you can now enter the words in the box below <Enter words(s)(maximum 100 characters)>. When you have completed keying the word(s), either press the <Enter> key or click the <Submit> button. Then click the <Save Item> button. Remember to press the <Enter> key or click the <Submit> button first before you click the <Save Item> button. Otherwise what you have entered after the last save will be lost.

Saving items after entry - After you click the <Save Item> button, you will notice that the item no and the word(s) that you have just entered have appeared in the table below. At the same time, the item no just below the spelling list no at the top of this section will increase by one, in this case to number 2. Continue adding more spelling items in this manner.

Save list - When you have finished adding all the items in your spelling list, click the <Save List and Exit> button which is just below the <Save Item> button. A box will appear to say that the Spelling List no is saved. Click the <Close> button and you will return to the Create/Review Option. If you are interrupted when entering your spelling list, you can save what you have entered so far by clicking the <Save List and Exit> button. You can always retrieve the spelling list and continue adding items to it at a later time. (See How to edit a spelling list).

Edit an item - If, say, you have finished entering item 3 and it is shown in the table below. The top of the section is ready for you to enter item 4. Suppose you have made a mistake in item 3. Go to the column [Item No (Click to edit)] in the table and click the number 3 where the words in the next column are the ones you want to change. The screen will now show the spelling list no and the item no with the words next to it. (See How to edit a spelling list.)

Exit without saving changes - If you decide against saving what you have entered in the spelling list, click <Exit without Saving Changes> button. Then what you have entered will not be saved.

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