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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. When I select a spelling list for practice, the drawing of a girl with a pair of headphones appear but I cannot hear the word "Ready" even after I clicked the <Retry> button several times. Anyway I pressed the <Start> button but is unable to hear the pronunciation of any of the words in the spelling list.

A1. Check that you have not inadvertly muted the volume button or turned down the volume control until its inaudible. If the volume button is unmuted and the volume control is set to high, go to another website eg youtube and check that you can hear the sound. If you cannot hear the sound, then there is a problem with your computer sound system. You should get it checked. If you can hear the sound at the youtube website but not at spellinganddictation.com, click the <Contact us> button on the main page and send us a message so that we can look into it.

Q2. When my child tries to enter the spelling for the test, the text area suggests the words previously entered or points out the incorrect spelling thereby making the website totally useless for the purpose.

A2-1 If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools - Internet Options - Content - Autocomplete - Settings. Under the heading Use Autocomplete for - uncheck - forms.

A2-2 If you are using Firefox, go to Tools - Options. Select <Privacy> on navigation bar and under History, uncheck the box <Remember search and form history>. Then go to Advanced - Uncheck the box <Check my spelling as I type>. When you are in spellinganddictation.com or any other website with a form entry, just right click inside any text box and uncheck <Check Spelling>.

A2-3 On iphone or ipod touch using safari, go to <settings>. Then scroll down and select <safari> just below <phone>. Below <Search Engine> is <Autofill>. Select <Autofill> and <Clear All>. Then set <Use Contact Info> and <Names and Password> to Off. Next go back to <settings> and scroll down and select <General>. Scroll down and select <Keyboard>. Set everything off.

A2-4 On Chrome browser, click the spanner icon on the top right hand corner which allows you to Customize and control Google Chrome. From the pull down menu, select <Options> and 3 categories will be shown viz <Basics>, <Personal Stuff> and <Under the Hood>. Click <Personal Stuff> and under Autofill, uncheck the box which says "Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a sigle click". Next click <Under the Hood> and in <WEB Content>, click the <Languages and spell-checker settings> button. The Language box will appear. Uncheck the <Enable spell checking> box. Close the browser and re-open it for the settings to take effect.

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