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Click the <Dictation Test> button on the main navigation row with <Home> on the extreme left. You will be asked to select the Dictation No for the test. There are 2 search options, one by Dictation No and the other by the date the Dictation was created. Note that only the Dictations created by your parent/teacher, or in the case of an independent student, by the student, will be listed.

If you click the <Search by Dictation No> button, you will get a screen with a text box asking you to <Select by Dictation No>. Click this text box and all the dictations created by your parent, or the independent student as the case may be, will appear with the Dictation Nos in descending order and their dates of creation on the left. Click the Dictation No that you want to be tested on. If you had clicked the <Search by Dictation Date> you will be asked to select the date by clicking on the text box <Select by Dictation Date>. Click the desired Dictation No. The screen will now show 3 buttons to select, <View Dictation>, <Start Dictation Test> and <Select Another Dictation>. If you want to see the contents of the Dictation, click the <View Dictation> button. If you click the <Select Another Dictation> button, you will go back to the first screen where you can search for the dictation. To start the Dictation, click <Start Dictation> button.

After you clicked the <Start Dictation> button, the screen will show a drawing of a girl putting on headphones asking you to switch on your speakers or plug in headphones. Click the <Start> button after you hear the word "Ready". Click the <Retry> button if you cannot hear "Ready". Double check that you have flash installed and your speakers/headset are on if you still cannot hear "ready" after clicking <Retry>. After you click the <Start> button, you will start to hear the pronunciation of the word or punctuation of the dictation in sequence. When you reach the end of the dictation, a message will appear to inform you. Click <OK> on the message. You can also click the <Stop> button before the end of the dictation.

When you click the <Stop> button or reach the end of the dictation, you will come to the page for you to enter your dictation. Here you can see a screen with row of 3 buttons on top. Click the <Start> button if you want to hear the dictation from the beginning. The <Repeat> button is to hear a repeat of the pronunciation of the particular position you are in. The exact position is shown in red on the series of numbers 3 lines below the <Repeat> button. Position 1 indicates the beginning of the dictation. This function is useful if you have difficulty with a particular word and you click <Stop> after hearing the pronunciation. Click <Next word> to hear the next position on the dictation. Below the row of 3 buttons is a sentence "You are in CONTINUOUS/SELECT mode. Click to change mode" followed by the <Change> button. Clicking the <Change> button toggles between the continuous and select mode.

When you are in CONTINUOUS mode, clicking any of the 3 buttons on top will enable you to hear the dictation from that position onwards till the end of the dictation without stop. Of course, you can click the <STOP> button anytime during the pronunciation to stop at that position. On SELECT mode, you will hear only the pronunciation of the word or punctuation of the position you want after which the screen will switch back to this screen. Below that are the words "Select Position to Hear Dictation From (No if red indicates current position)", followed by a series of numbers as explained earlier. Finally there is a big empty text box for you to enter the dictation. You can enter the dictation a word or several words at a time by clicking the <Submit> button after each entry. When you have completed the entry of all the words and punctuations in the dictation, click <Submit> button first and then click <See Result> button.

If the dictation you submitted is correct, you will hear applause and a congratulatory note. However if the dictation submitted is incorrect, you will hear a sigh followed by your answer with the incorrect word(s) and/or punctuation(s) in red compared with the correct spelling below. You can choose to repeat the test by clicking <Take Dictation Test Again> button or go to another dictation by clicking >Select Another Dictation> button.

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