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Click the <User Account> button on the main navigation row with <Home> on the extreme left. You are now asked to select option. Click <Update Email Address> button. A screen with the heading "Change email address" will appear. Below is your current email address with Spelling and Dictation. You are asked to "Enter new email address" in the text box. Type in your new email address and press <Enter> key or the <Submit> button. A <Confirm> button will appear above the <Return to Previous Menu> button. Click the <Confirm> button to activate change of email address. If the email address entered is invalid, you will see the sentence "Email address entered is not valid. Please enter valid email address". However if you entered an incorrect email address which is valid eg example3@yahoo.com instead of example2@yahoo.com, there is no way for the website to know.

Assuming you have entered a valid email address which is correct, click the <Comfirm> button. You will see a message box with the message "Your email address has been changed to (yournewemailaddress)". Click <OK> and you will be brought back to the select option menu when you started.Note: As a precautionary measure, the website will send an email both to your previous email address and your new email address to inform you of the change in email address. If there is any mistake, you can send an email to inform the website administrator.

Last updated on Apr 20, 2013.

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